New Homes | 01.04.2023

3 FAQs Homeowners Have About Their New Construction Home

As one of Utah’s best new home builders, we get plenty of questions about what to expect from a home. Many potential homebuyers want to know what’s included in their purchase and how a home’s value will change in the long run. Below, we’ve compiled our answers; keep reading to learn more. Here are some questions to ask your home builder.

Newly Built Kitchen in A Utah Home | Arive Homes

What do new homes typically include?

While a few standards of delivery must be met for a building to qualify as residential housing, almost everything that could be included in a home is negotiable with your contractor. However, unless you specifically request something, expect only the basics.

Do new homes come with appliances?

New homes come with at least one appliance. A stove is the only appliance a builder must provide and install in a home. Everything else, including air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, ovens, washers, and dryers, must be purchased separately or negotiated as part of the building agreement. It is common for appliance packages to be included in new home purchases, just be sure to always confirm this with your homebuilding team.

Do new homes come with blinds?

No. In most cases, new home construction does not include window coverings. You can ask your contractor to install window blinds. Still, you will have to pay for them and probably will also pay an additional cost for installation.

Do new homes come with smoke detectors?

Yes. In most places, including Utah, smoke detectors are a required safety device and must be included in new home construction. However, extinguishers or fire sprinklers may come at an extra cost.

Do new homes come with grass?

No. While concrete driveways and walkways to the front door are typically included in new homes, landscaping is not. At most, some builders will lay sod in the front yard only. However, for some fully custom homes, landscaping may be negotiated with the contractor as part of the buildout of the house. Always clarify with your homebuilder what (if anything) will be included in the yard.

If you want your newly constructed home to come with a landscaped yard, negotiate that desire with your builder beforehand as part of the construction contract. You could also hire the landscapers yourself and have them work on the yard while the home is being finished.

How will the value of my new home change?

Many factors go into a home’s value. However, in general, property tends to appreciate over time. If you get a reasonable price on the construction of your home and live in it for several years or more, generally, you’ll see a return on investment in your purchase — especially if you buy a new home in a rapidly growing area like Utah County. Demand for housing continues to increase here, which only increases the desirability of a new home in a new community.

Do new homes depreciate in value?

No. Newly constructed homes often have a slightly higher upfront cost than older homes. Still, the house and materials will likely come with a warranty that ensures their value. That higher upfront cost can be well worth it when you factor in the many repairs and replacements that older homes usually require. While the increased purchase price of a new home may initially slow its appreciation, it quickly catches up after just a couple years (or less, in a strong real estate market like Utah). In the long run, your real estate value will only increase, preventing your property from depreciating.

Do new homes appreciate in value?

Yes. Over time, a newly constructed home will appreciate. Usually, the upfront costs of newly built homes are a bit higher than for older homes. That cost eats into the value of the house at first. However, much of that value is usually covered under either contractor or manufacturer warranties on the new home’s components.

After the first couple of years, the home should begin to appreciate. New homes can be a great investment for you or your family if you plan to live in them long-term or at least for several years.

Again, your newly constructed home will be even more likely to appreciate if it’s in a booming area. Additionally, the first and last homes built in any given neighborhood tend to hold the most value. The first homes come at a value price, while the last ones get the value of the finished neighborhood.

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How can I guarantee the quality of my new home?

The easiest way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment in a newly-built home is to choose a reputable Utah home builder. The best Utah contractors and home builders use proven materials and follow building standards that ensure a higher-quality build. Not only are those materials explicitly chosen, often for their durability, but they usually come with some warranty or financial backing that gives you peace of mind once you’re living in the home.

When choosing a high-quality builder, here are a few elements to look for:

Proof of Customer Satisfaction

Proof of customer satisfaction can often come in the form of online reviews. Search the home builder on Google, Facebook, and other review sites to get a sense of homebuyers’ experiences.

Clear Planning and Communication

Be sure to get everything in writing upfront. Buying a new home can bring on information overload, but be sure to do your due diligence and read the fine print. Understanding your builder’s responsibilities will eliminate confusion or misunderstandings later down the road.


Experienced builders have more relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. They know how to navigate all the zoning permits and other sticky regulations to prevent slowdowns.


Choose a builder who has the skill to build your home effectively, on time, and on budget. Again, look to customer reviews and local publications for a better idea of how your builder stacks up.

Licensed and Insured

Contractors and builders who have taken the time to stay licensed and insured show they aren’t willing to cut corners — an invaluable quality when it comes to building your own home.


Contractors who warranty their work have more reason to follow through with ensuring everything in your new home works correctly.

Do new homes come with a warranty?

Yes. Most new homes come with a builder-backed guarantee on the craftsmanship, structural integrity, and systems within the home (such as electrical and plumbing). The length and coverage included in the warranty will vary based on the work warranted and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranties and the degree of their coverage are other things that can be negotiated through the home-buying contract.

You’ve got the answers; now get building!

Now that you know what to expect with a new home purchase, It’s time to step through the front door of your brand-new home. Discover the pristine satisfaction of being the only person to own and live in your newly built home. Contact Arrive Homes today to get your new home construction started as soon as possible.