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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Should I build a home in Elk Ridge, Utah?

    Elk Ridge, UT is the perfect location for South Utah County living and one of our favorite cities to build in! Build your dream custom home tucked near the mountains with views of the valley. Elk Ridge is where you want to call home for more reasons than one. Providing you with the best Utah County real estate experience by way of affordable prices.

    Elk Ridge Meadows is one of our oldest and largest developments! Located right off of Elk Ridge Dr. with direct access to dining and shopping. Not only does this neighborhood have some of the best real estate Elk Ridge City has to offer, but also the best views of the valley!

  • How long does it take to build a home in Elk Ridge, Utah?

    The amount of time it takes to build a new home in Elk Ridge, UT can vary greatly depending on the type of home being built. As an experienced Utah county home builder, we have seen the build process for an Elk Ridge home take as little as six months and as many as fifteen.

    Arive Homes does not do a cookie cutter build process, each home we build is as unique as the people who will live in it, and built specifically with their needs and life in mind. We allow customizations at several points in the new home process, from allowing customization to structure and floor plans to custom options. It is important to us that our new Elk Ridge home buyers are getting the home perfect for their family, we want to take the time to do it right.

  • How do I build a home in Elk Ridge, Utah?

    As a new home builder in Utah County, Arive is proud to include Elk Ridge amongst the many cities that we have helped to shape by building single family home communities. Our Elkridge Model home was the winner of the prestigious “builder’s choice” award from the Parade of Homes, and the Hailey floor plan featured in this model home remains one of our most popular, two-story home plans built in Utah County.

    If you are looking to begin new home construction in Elk Ridge, build a new home along the Wasatch Front, or find a quick move-in anywhere in Utah County, Arive Homes is here to help. With new communities in Payson, Spanish Fork and more coming in the near future. Arive Homes can help you find the perfect plan and the perfect place to ensure you love where you live.


  • How do you get preapproved for a home loan?

    When financing your home, the best choice in Utah is SecurityNational Mortgage Company. They are our preferred partner for all of your needs with financing your home. Their experienced loan officers, quick closing times, and several loan options that meet a variety of needs make them our top choice at Arive Homes. When you work with them, we include a special incentive toward your home. Contact an agent to learn more.

  • How do I qualify for a new home loan?

    In order to qualify for a new home loan, there are a few basic requirements. In your meeting with a loan officer, they will need to have a few forms of identification, your credit score, and your income from a certain period of time. Your loan officer will guide you to which forms you will need and at what points they will need them in the process. When your home is close to being finished, usually within the last two months of your build, your loan officer will start the financing process for your new build. They will appraise your home and then process, underwrite, and fund your loan according to the closing date on your new construction home.

  • How does financing work for a new build home?

    When you first sit down with us to start the process of building your new home, we ask that you have a prequalification. This typically can be done over the phone and an agent will put you in contact with our preferred Loan Officer. This ensures we can have a clear picture of the amount of house you can afford before we start. Once all of the contracts are signed, we do require a deposit to reserve your lot. There are other deposits required throughout your design process, especially when making customizations. All of these deposits allow for us to make sure your home gets completed on time and exactly the way you have designed it.

  • Do home builders require a deposit?

    At Arive Homes, we want the building and financing process to go smoothly. To make that possible, we are answering a few of our frequently asked questions so you can be prepared when you start your build.

    Once all of the contracts are signed, we do require a deposit to reserve your lot. There are other deposits required throughout your design process, especially when making customizations.

  • Which type of home loan is right for me?

    SecurityNational offers several types of mortgages. Each type is best-suited to specific homebuyers and situations. Below are some general descriptions of the best situation for each loan, but it’s always best to consult a home loan pro before deciding which type of mortgage to apply for.

    Fixed-rate mortgage – Good for homebuyers looking to stay in their home long-term and wanting predictable loan payments.
    Adjustable-rate mortgage – Good for homebuyers who are okay accepting the risk of higher rates down the road (often those planning to sell their home in the not-so-distant future).
    Jumbo loan – Ideal for homebuyers looking to buy a more expensive home that exceeds the conforming loan limit.
    FHA or VA (government-insured) loan – Best for borrowers who may not be approved for conventional loans, may not have access to a down payment, or for active or retired military homebuyers

  • How much can I afford to spend on my new home?

    Financial experts often point to the 28%-36% rule for this question. This rule states that you should spend no more than 28% of your gross monthly income on your mortgage and no more than 36% on all your debts (which includes things like student loan payments, credit cards, car payments, etc.) This is just a general guideline; speak to your A-Team loan pro and financial advisor for your specific situation.

  • How long will it take for my mortgage application to be approved?

    This depends on a number of factors and can be hard to estimate; generally, however, you can expect your approval process to take anywhere from 30-90 days.


  • What are the steps for building a new home in Utah?

    Building a home in Utah can vary based on the type of home you decide to build. One of our agents will help you find the best community based on your budget and your desired location. Once you find where you want to build, you will get pre-qualified with our preferred lender to determine your budget and the amount of money you must set aside to put down. Your Arive Home agent will then have you sign contracts to reserve your lot. Our average build time is seven months to a year. Throughout that time, you will meet with our architects and designers to ensure your layout and finishes are exactly what you want. Your agent and our superintendents will do walkthroughs with you at various stages of the home-building process to make sure it is a home that you love. Once we hit a designated point in the build, you will meet with a loan officer to start the financing process. Your home will get appraised during this time as well. Once your home is finished, we will do one last walkthrough where you will make sure everything is done and finished perfectly. After all the necessary changes are made, we will clean your home, and you will work with your loan officer to close on your home. At your closing, we will hand you your keys!

  • What are the costs associated with buying a new home?

    When buying one of our Quick Move-In homes, there are a few steps involved. First, we will need you to get pre-approved with our preferred lender. Once you have a pre-approval, we will see which of our new move-in ready homes are right for you. Then, after you find the perfect home, you will sign all the paperwork with your agent and acquire financing. Your agent and your lender will walk you through the timing and requirements for both.

  • When building a home, do home builders buy the land?

    Building a home at Arive Homes means you don’t have to worry about finding and buying land to build your home. We purchase all the lots and develop them into neighborhoods. When you reserve a lot, you will have to pay a reservation fee. Otherwise, the cost of the lot is built into the cost of your home. Depending on the lot there may be premiums associated with cul-de-sacs and larger lots. Contact an agent to find your perfect lot.

  • Do home builders include appliances?

    In your new construction home, we include your basic kitchen appliances such as a stove, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Unless specified in your design appointment, we require our buyers to provide their fridge and washer/dryer.

  • What to consider when choosing a home builder?

    Choosing a home builder in Utah comes down to three major choices: location, experience, and customization. At Arive, we have locations all over Utah Country and now in Salt Lake County. We offer everything from townhomes to custom single-family homes in Utah County and single-family homes in Salt Lake County. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience for home buyers in Utah that emphasizes customization. We have a team of experienced agents, designers, superintendents, and architects that will walk you through the entire process. Our priority is that you love where you live. Contact an agent today for more information.


  • Should I build a home in Herriman, Utah?

    One of our first Salt Lake County cities, Herriman will be a promising new community. Herriman real estate brings the perks of living near Salt Lake City with an escape to a quiet, close community and a beautiful view of the West mountains. You won’t want to miss finding your new home in this growing city and our master planned community!

    Teton Village is our master-planned active community in Herriman, UT! It’s like Daybreak but…can we say better? This community is only minutes from I-85 with quick access to dining, shopping, and the mountains. This community gives its residents relief from the hustle and bustle with the convenience of living close to the city. These new Herriman homes are selling quickly and you don’t want to miss them!

  • How long does it take to build a home in Herriman, Utah?

    If you are interested in a new home in Herriman and are wondering about the timeline to build in our Teton Village community, we can offer good news. The majority of our offerings in this area are designated as “quick move-in in Herriman.” Most of the homes are not offered for sale until they are already under construction which allows you to save valuable weeks and months of time in the new home buyer process.

    If there is a specific lot of new Herriman City home you are interested in, the best way to know when that home will be move-in ready is to contact one of our real estate professionals and discuss with them your ideal timeline and home. They are experienced and friendly and have the inside track and industry know-how to estimate for your the timeline of any new home build.

  • How do I build a home in Herriman, Utah?

    Arive Homes has long been proud of our legacy as Utah home builder, and are very excited to add Salt Lake county to the areas we are helping families find a wonderful place to call home. We have several phases of new homes for sale in Herriman for active adults. Our master plan community will feature amenities such as community parks, gates, landscaping and snow removal.

    If you have been wondering the best way to find a new home in Herriman, we recommend beginning by speaking to an Arive Homes agents to see what options we have available for you.


  • Should I build a new home in Lehi, Utah?

    It’s no secret Lehi is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah. Home to Silicon Slopes, Thanksgiving Point, and many Arive communities. If the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t already convince you, maybe the amazing views of Utah County will. Many of our Arive neighborhoods offer beautiful views of the city and the entire county, with quick access to I-15 and nearby shopping and dining. Don’t miss out on the fast-paced Lehi real estate!

    Taylor Meadow Estates is one of our newest Lehi communities and home to one of our beautiful model homes! This new construction community is located just off Pioneer Crossing and has easy access to I-15! With several acres planned for development, you won’t want to miss this beautiful neighborhood!

    Harmony Townhomes is by far our most sought-after townhome community! With several phases already developed and more to come, we cannot rave about these townhomes enough! This Lehi townhome community is located just off Redwood Road and 2100 N. Don’t miss out on the excitement of this master-planned community!

    Are you trying to build a new home in this crazy real estate market but still want to live close to Salt Lake City? Arive Homes communities in Lehi are the perfect new construction community for you! Nestled between developed neighborhoods, this is the ideal location to build your dream home.

  • How long does it take to build a new home in Lehi, Utah?

    Arive is currently working on several new home communities in Lehi. If it is your dream to live in this area, and you are considering buying or building a new home in Utah County, one of the questions you are likely asking is what the timeline of a new home build looks like. As a semi-custom builder, we build a home that is truly unique to each buyer by taking the time to understand what your “dream home” looks like and providing an unheard level of customization to make your dreams into a literal reality. Because we do not operate on a “one size fits all” approach to home building, every build time is specific to the home being built.

    As you are considering houses for sale in Lehi, UT, we understand that timeline may be an essential factor in that decision-making. Still, we believe that one of the most important purchases of your lifetime is worth the time and effort to be done right, and that belief is reflected in the quality and attention to detail in our finished homes. Timelines will also vary significantly on different types of homes. For instance, a build timeline for a new townhome in Lehi will look very different from a single-family home. Because what we do is so unique, the best way to know what your timeframe will look like is to speak to one of our Arive Homes real estate agents about what your dream home looks like so they can help you find the house and timeline that will get you that dream home you are wanting.

  • How do I build a new home in Lehi, Utah?

    Building a new home in Utah can be an overwhelming proposition, but at Arive Homes, we aim to ensure you live in a home and community ideally suited to your life and needs. To make sure you get to love where you live, Arive Homes has several options of houses for sale in Lehi, UT.

    One of the fastest growing cities in Utah, Lehi city boasts all the amenities of a large and booming town while still keeping the idyllic mountain views and community feel that make us glad every day that Arive Homes are home builders in Lehi, Utah. If you are interested in houses for sale in Lehi, we recommend contacting one of our excellent Arive Homes agents to discuss how we can deliver your dream home. Our experienced and friendly agents are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s your dream to own a single-family home in Lehi or live in a Lehi townhome. They can help you find the perfect fit in our current or upcoming community options.


  • Should I build a home in Mapleton, Utah?

    Nestled between Springville and Spanish Fork at the foothills of Maple Mountain, our Mapleton communities are our most in-demand properties! Mapleton Real Estate offers the unique combination of luxury homes and a small-town feel. Home to some of our favorite current and upcoming communities, you will not want to miss out on these new homes.

    Whiting Farm is one of our newest and most popular communities! With more extensive land options ranging from .40 acre lots and above and beautiful views of Maple Mountain. If the views and open space aren’t enough, this community is also located 5 minutes from the nearest canyon, 10 minutes near local shopping, and 10 minutes from all major schools!

    Located near our newer developments is our Whiting Cove community. Home to some of our most luxurious Mapleton model homes and most coveted properties. Whiting Cove is the perfect single-family community. It is located near the middle school, high school, city park, and local businesses and is ideal for convenience and beauty! Call now on our new development coming soon. These Mapleton houses won’t last long.

  • How long does it take to build a home in Mapleton, Utah?

    If you are looking into building a new home in Mapleton, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is how long will it take to build a new home in Utah? You are not alone, it is one of the most common questions we get asked by new homebuyers. If build time is an important factor for you, Arive Homes can help by offering a wide variety of options for you.

    If you are looking to get into a new home in Mapleton urgently, you may want to check out our available quick move-ins. If time is not a factor, we have many new lots for construction available in Mapleton, that are spacious and well worth the wait. About that wait, it varies by project, community and availability of materials so if you want to get a clearer idea of what you are looking to build will take, we recommend reaching out to an Arive Homes agent, who can discuss and review options for what you are specifically looking for, and give you a better idea of the timeline for the home of YOUR dreams.

  • How do I build a home in Mapleton, Utah?

    It’s an exciting time if you are looking for new construction in Mapleton, with several upcoming and current Arive Homes communities available. We have options with large lot sizes, amazing views and more. Stop by our award-winning Spanish Fork model home, right on the Mapleton/Spanish Fork border to see one of our most popular rambler floor plans and see for yourself what makes Arive Homes one of the most popular new home builders in Utah County.

    Arive Homes offers a variety of new homes in Mapleton, but these in-demand options can often go as quickly as they are available. So, if you are looking to build a new home in Mapleton, we recommend reaching out to one of our real estate agents. They will guide you through the process of selecting a floor plan, placing an offer on an available lot in Utah county (and beyond). Our friendly agents will be on the lookout for any lots available, or quick move-ins near Mapleton, UT, or any current and upcoming options that will fit your lifestyle and needs so you can live in the community of your dreams.


  • Should I build a home in Orem, Utah?

    Orem, UT, is one of the largest cities in Utah county home to several businesses, Utah Valley University, and more. Not only is Orem a hub for Utah county’s experiences, but also a continuously growing real estate market. Live in the center of the action with a quiet community feel at our new construction locations so you can get the most out of your Orem real estate experience. Only minutes from dining, entertainment, shopping, and I-15, this city is the perfect location for your new home.

  • How do I build a home in Orem, Utah?

    New homes in Orem, UT, are in high demand, and Arive has been delighted to help families build the home of their dream here for years. In this real estate market the best way to land the home of your dreams is to have a real estate professional and the Arive Homes agents are the best in the business.

    If you are looking for houses for sale in Orem, UT, an Arive Homes agent can help you find the best options available, whether it’s a current community, something coming in the future, or a quick move-in option in Orem. Our agents will help you in finding the perfect fit to love where you live because Arive Homes offers what no one else does to it’s buyers, the unique ability to build a home made just for you with. See what we mean in person by visiting any of our Utah county model homes.

Pleasant Grove

  • Should I build a home in Pleasant Grove, Utah?

    Pleasant Grove is a neighborhood community between Orem, Highland, and American Fork. This city is located just outside the busier Orem/Lehi areas, with convenient access to the mountains while offering unique experiences. Browse new real estate with stunning new neighborhoods for sale surrounded by two large employment hubs. Pleasant Grove is the perfect location for you and your family.

  • How long does building a home in Pleasant Grove, Utah, take?

    If building a new home in the Utah county area is your goal, you may have many questions regarding the timeline for building a new home in a city like Pleasant Grove. Home construction timelines can vary significantly across cities, home types, plans, and availabilities, so there is no consistent measure of a home build from beginning to end. Arive Homes is not a “typical” builder; we have chosen not to mass produce our homes to take a more customized approach to homebuilding. At Arive, we give our buyers the unique ability to customize their home’s base plans to fit their individual needs and lifestyle. Building a home that’s custom to a buyer means that the build time is also unique for each home.

    If you want to know the specifics of what the timeline is for building the home of YOUR dreams, the best way to know is to contact an Arive real estate professional and discuss what your wants and needs are and find a community and home type that meet them. Our realtors have experience with every type of build and can help answer your questions with regard to the time it will take to build what you are looking for. If you are in a rush, they can help you select a quick move-in home in Utah county that is new, expertly designed, and will save you some wait time. Whatever works best for you, our staff is here to help you find it.

  • How do I build a home in Pleasant Grove, Utah?

    If you are looking for homes for sale in Pleasant Grove, an Arive Homes agent can help you easily and swiftly identify your best options. Land for sale in Pleasant Grove tends to go quickly these days, and having a real estate insider on your side is a crucial step to making the dream of living here a reality. Contact one of our experienced agents today to discuss your needs, and they will work tirelessly to deliver a home that ensures that you will love where you live for years to come.

    If you are looking for a home builder in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Arive Homes is here to help. With a wide variety of new homes available in Utah county, you can explore living in many of Utah’s quickly growing communities. Whether you are looking for a townhome, looking to buy your first single-family home, or finally ready to build the home of your dreams. Our new homes in Utah county are designed to be perfect for you in every phase of life. Want to see what our famous semi-custom building process looks and feels like? Visit our nearby Lehi model home to see what makes Arive Homes a genuinely unique new home builder in Utah.


  • Should I build a home in Salem, Utah?

    Our communities in Salem, UT, offer stunning views and some of the city’s best properties. With multiple neighborhoods and lots for sale, Salem may be a quiet, tucked-away city, but there is significant potential for growth. Located between Elk Ridge and Spanish Fork, Salem City is recognized for its tight-knit yet expanding community. Check out our several different Arive communities to choose from.

    One of our upcoming single-family communities, Sky View Estates, is a smaller community of excellent lots for sale ranging from .28 acres to .45 acres. If you want to escape from the chaos and a more quiet location but have the perks of living in Utah County, Sky View Estates is the perfect community.

    Skyhawk Knoll is one of our newest single-family communities. Tucked up in the hills near Woodland Hills, this Salem community offers some of the best Salem real estate! With lots sizes ranging from .28 acres to .41 acres, this neighborhood allows you to customize your dream home. If that doesn’t convince you, this community offers some of our best views of the valley and gives a genuinely private ambiance for your new home.

    Looking for a small town to settle down in? Salem Park is your answer and one of our most favored single-family communities. This new neighborhood is in a great location, just off Main Street, so you can enjoy living in a small town while only being minutes from dining and shopping. Offering lots from .18 acres to .22 acres, there is plenty of room for your family!

  • How long does it take to build a home in Salem, Utah?

    Salem is a swiftly growing community with options for new homes that are perfect for all types of budgets, but the question remains: how long does the process of building a home take? It’s a good question, but because each home we build is a unique piece, so is its build time.

    With the many options, Arive Homes has available for new homes in Salem, Utah, ranging from current to future communities and the current high market demand, you don’t want to wait until a community of interest is available to build. Contact an Arive Homes agent today to get a specific idea of what is available versus what is coming that meets your needs and requirements. Home type is also a significant factor in build time. Each home type has a unique schedule; for example, single-family homes on new lots in Salem, UT, can vary significantly from townhomes in Salem, UT. Ultimately, the best guide on timelines is to speak with one of our experienced agents about what you need in a new home and what Arive can offer that fits your budget and life.

  • How do I build a home in Salem, Utah?

    Salem is a lovely and quickly growing community with many opportunities for those seeking new construction in Utah County. With many options available here and more on the way, an Arive Homes real estate agent can help you find a new home in Salem.

    As a new home builder in Utah county, Arive Homes is proud to offer several different communities in Salem, UT, and will soon begin work on our first Master Plan community there. A project will offer a wide variety of new home options in Salem, including single-family homes, townhomes, and more. If you are seriously considering building a new home in Salem, the best way to start is by reaching out to one of our experienced and friendly real estate agents, they can assist you in finding the possibilities that are a perfect fit for your budget and life.

Saratoga Springs

  • Should I build a home in Saratoga Springs, Utah?

    Saratoga Springs is known for its new and pro-developed community with immaculate views just off of the shores of Utah Lake. Saratoga Springs city is only partially developed and still continuing to grow in the middle of Utah County’s Metropolitan Area. At Arive Homes, we want to be part of the progress and already have several communities to choose from. No matter your budget, you”re sure to find a home that is perfect for you!

    Arive Homes newest Saratoga Springs single-family community is Arcadia Springs. This new development couldn’t be placed in a better location near Walmart and Vasa. Arcadia Springs offers the perfect community feel with a new construction style for your home!

  • How long does it take to build a home in Saratoga Springs, Utah?

    As you are looking for new homes for sale in Saratoga Springs, you may be wondering about what the timelines are to be in one of these new homes. One of our most frequently asked questions is, how long until I am in a new home, and it’s a good one, but one with an answer that is unique to each city, community, home type, floor plan and chosen options. Because of this, if you want to know what the timeline is for Saratoga Springs new homes, we recommend speaking to one of our highly-qualified real estate professionals and discussing with them the specifics of what you are looking for.

    New homes for sale in Saratoga Springs are in high demand, and can be sold as quickly as they are available so it’s best to have an insider looking into upcoming options for new homes in Utah Valley, so you never miss a chance to snatch up the home of your dreams. If timeline is primary among your concerns, an Arive Homes agent can assist you in looking at all of the quick move-in options across Utah and find a home that works with your timeline. If you want to build a home from scratch, they can help you by finding the ideal community and base plan. At Arive, we build to your needs, so we will allow you to customize everything from floor plans to faucets, and will take the time to make sure you end up with a quality home that allows you to love where you live.

  • How do I build a home in Saratoga Springs, Utah?

    We love building new homes in Saratoga Springs. Named for its natural hot springs, this city is a natural wonder. Boasting stunning views of Utah Lake, it’s hard to find a better place to call home. If you are looking to build a new home in this Utah county city, the best way to begin is by reaching out to an Arive Homes agent, who can help you find a new lot for construction, or quick move-in options in Saratoga Springs.

    New homes for sale in Saratoga Springs, UT, can go quickly, so having an Arive Homes real estate insider on your side is the best way to make sure you don”t miss your chance to call this amazing city home. Our agents are experienced in working with Utah county home builders and can help you navigate the often overwhelming project that is building a new home.

Spanish Fork

  • Should I build a home in Spanish Fork, Utah?

    Spanish Fork City is the perfect place to plant your growing family. Not only is Spanish Fork one of the fastest growing cities in Utah County, but it also offers communities from first-time home buyers and townhomes to luxury homes. Get in on the action before it’s too late! Check out our several Arive Homes communities for all types of homeowners.

    Our beautiful townhome community is located conveniently off of Spanish Fork main street. Del Monte Townhomes’ premium location offers stunning views of the mountains and the valley near one of the fastest-growing parts of the city! Don’t miss out on these fantastic townhomes for sale!

    High Sky Estates is one of our most sought-after luxury communities. These lots range from .29 acres and above, located at a higher elevation than the rest of the city, offering you 180 views of the valley and the mountains, a dream Utah combo.

    Annie’s Acres is our first 55+ community! This master-planned community includes trails, putting greens, pickleball courts, and beautiful floor designs!

    Maple Mountains Estates is one of our oldest and largest communities and houses one of our model homes! This Spanish Fork community offers gorgeous views of Maple Mountain and is ideally located near Maple Mountain High School. Don’t miss out on some of our fastest-selling lots!

  • How long does it take to build a home in Spanish Fork, Utah?

    One of the most frequent questions from new home buyers is: “How long does it take to build a home in Utah County?” This can be a difficult question to answer because new home construction timelines vary greatly depending on home type, availability of supplies, and many other factors that are unique to each build.

    For instance, if you are building a new townhome in Spanish Fork, the build time would look very different than if you were building a new single-family home in Spanish Fork as each home type comes with its own set of specific challenges and nuances that affect ultimate build time. If time is of the essence, and you are looking to get into a home quickly, you can contact an Arive Homes agent who can help you find options for quick move-ins in Utah County. Whatever the process looks like for you, Arive Homes is here to fulfill our mission of ensuring that at the end of the new home experience, you love where you live.

  • How do I build a home in Spanish Fork, Utah?

    If you are looking for new homes for sale in Spanish Fork, Utah, we have you covered! With everything from townhomes available in Spanish Fork to new home construction on lots of varying sizes. Arive Homes has an option in this growing and in-demand area to fit your budget and lifestyle.

    If you want to get a better idea of what we have to offer, you can visit one of our numerous Spanish Fork model homes and get an idea of home types and options that are available to you.

    Homes for sale in Spanish Fork are always available, but they don’t last long. To make sure you have a chance to live in this beautiful area, contact one of our outstanding real estate agents today! They will ensure you are in the know of all of the new homes available in Spanish Fork and be there to answer any questions you have as you take the steps to live in the home of your dreams!


  • Should I build a home in Springville, Utah?

    Why live in Springville, UT? Springville City offers a unique experience of a tight-knit community along with plenty of room for your family to grow. You will love this South Utah County location for your new home! Arive Homes new construction communities are located in the most ideal locations near shopping centers, I-15 access, and surrounded by the picturesque mountainscape of Utah.

    Arive Homes has single-family communities across Utah County that are ideal location for a growing family located near Springville. With new homes in Mapleton, quick move-ins in Spanish Fork, and upcoming options for every budget in Salem, you will find the perfect fit for your life and style.

  • How long does it take to build a home in Springville, Utah?

    Arive Homes has been proud to be one of the most popular new home builders in Utah county for almost a decade, and it has certainly been one of change and growth for this area. We live here and love it, and it’s important to us that the communities of Utah county reflect how we feel about living and building here. We want Utah county to be beautiful and therefore we make sure that the quality of homes we build are uncompromising.

    If you are looking to build a new home in Utah county and are wondering how long it takes, our answer is, as long as it takes to build a beautiful, quality home right. During times of supply chain disruptions, and in a truly unique time in the market this time can vary greatly, but what does not change is our commitment to building a product that is quality craftsmanship, from floor plans to options.

  • How do I build a home in Springville, Utah?

    As new home builder in Springville, Utah, Arive Homes has been proud to bring its signature craftsman style homes, and award winning floor plans to the Springville communities for almost a decade now. If you are building a new home in Utah county, or looking for a quick move-in in Springville, our friendly team or real estate agents is here to keep you informed about availabilities, upcoming communities, and quick move-in options in the city of your dreams.

    Springville, Utah and its surrounding area are in high demand, so if you want to build a new home we recommend speaking to one of our experiences sales team members today, they can bring you up to speed on new homes in Utah county, and make sure you don’t miss an opportunity for new home construction in Springville.