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The local Utah A-Team at Security National Mortgage Company is experienced in the new home financing process for Arive homeowners. Luckily for you, our unique partnership means less hoops to jump through. In just 4 easy steps, you can be on your way to selecting those final finishes and scheduling your move-in day.

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SecurityNational and their Mortgage A-Team

SecurityNational is a lender with over 50 years of experience. Thanks to the consistent track record and dependable financial backing of their publicly traded parent company (Security National Financial) SecurityNational has successfully navigated all the ups and downs of the market. As a leader in the home loan market, they offer competitive interest rates and a wide range of loan products.


Your Financing Questions

  • How long will it take for my mortgage application to be approved?

    This depends on a number of factors and can be hard to estimate; generally, however, you can expect your approval process to take anywhere from 30-90 days.

  • How much can I afford to spend on my new home?

    Financial experts often point to the 28%-36% rule for this question. This rule states that you should spend no more than 28% of your gross monthly income on your mortgage and no more than 36% on all your debts (which includes things like student loan payments, credit cards, car payments, etc.) This is just a general guideline; speak to your A-Team loan pro and financial advisor for your specific situation.

  • Which type of home loan is right for me?

    SecurityNational offers several types of mortgages. Each type is best-suited to specific homebuyers and situations. Below are some general descriptions of the best situation for each loan, but it’s always best to consult a home loan pro before deciding which type of mortgage to apply for.

    Fixed-rate mortgage – Good for homebuyers looking to stay in their home long-term and wanting predictable loan payments.
    Adjustable-rate mortgage – Good for homebuyers who are okay accepting the risk of higher rates down the road (often those planning to sell their home in the not-so-distant future).
    Jumbo loan – Ideal for homebuyers looking to buy a more expensive home that exceeds the conforming loan limit.
    FHA or VA (government-insured) loan – Best for borrowers who may not be approved for conventional loans, may not have access to a down payment, or for active or retired military homebuyers

  • Do home builders require a deposit?

    At Arive Homes, we want the building and financing process to go smoothly. To make that possible, we are answering a few of our frequently asked questions so you can be prepared when you start your build.

    Once all of the contracts are signed, we do require a deposit to reserve your lot. There are other deposits required throughout your design process, especially when making customizations.

  • How does financing work for a new build home?

    When you first sit down with us to start the process of building your new home, we ask that you have a prequalification. This typically can be done over the phone and an agent will put you in contact with our preferred Loan Officer. This ensures we can have a clear picture of the amount of house you can afford before we start. Once all of the contracts are signed, we do require a deposit to reserve your lot. There are other deposits required throughout your design process, especially when making customizations. All of these deposits allow for us to make sure your home gets completed on time and exactly the way you have designed it.

  • How do I qualify for a new home loan?

    In order to qualify for a new home loan, there are a few basic requirements. In your meeting with a loan officer, they will need to have a few forms of identification, your credit score, and your income from a certain period of time. Your loan officer will guide you to which forms you will need and at what points they will need them in the process. When your home is close to being finished, usually within the last two months of your build, your loan officer will start the financing process for your new build. They will appraise your home and then process, underwrite, and fund your loan according to the closing date on your new construction home.

  • How do you get preapproved for a home loan?

    When financing your home, the best choice in Utah is SecurityNational Mortgage Company. They are our preferred partner for all of your needs with financing your home. Their experienced loan officers, quick closing times, and several loan options that meet a variety of needs make them our top choice at Arive Homes. When you work with them, we include a special incentive toward your home. Contact an agent to learn more.

Client Success Stories

  • We have been so happy with Arive Homes so far. They have beautiful homes that we have been dreaming of everytime we go to the Parade of Homes. They also have floor plans that worked perfectly for us and our growing family. We just finished our design center appointments and we are excited to move forward with the building process.

    We had a limited amount of time to work on the design process because of issues on our side and Arive Homes was very accommodating which we really appreciated- so far, we cannot say enough good things about our experience!

    Caitlyn T.
  • We love our new home. Building a home at this crazy time would not have even been possible without Arive Homes. We can’t say enough good. Everyone was so responsive from design to construction. Whenever there was a concern our superintendent jumped right on it. The company also had the integrity to upgrade one of our appliances on their own dime because the one we ordered was unavailable and they didn’t want to hold up our closing. Thank you very much, Arive Homes.

    Scott H.
  • Working with Arrive Homes was nothing but a positive experience from start to finish. The employees are professional and kind. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for buy a home in the area.

    Ashley M.
  • These guys are so helpful, attentive, knowledgeable. They truly care about their clients and very responsive. I highly recommend them for your home building needs! Quality and Pricing are very competitive!

    Andriana Y.
  • Arive not only builds your dream home, they help families create new memories. From the moment my family & I embarked on this journey, we were impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Arive team. We are so grateful for this amazing experience! Thank you Arive for helping our family arive at our newest destination! ❤️

    Kolleen R.
  • Arive’s high quality builds are a reflection of their high quality team! The communication and coordination between departments, from designers to agents to superintendents, makes the build process feel seamless. You won’t find another builder who offers almost limitless options in design, guides you along the build process so smoothly, and leaves you with a home that’s better than you can imagine! 5 stars any day!

    Tara K.
  • Easy company to work with. Great communication during our building process.

    Jenny R.
  • Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and very helpful. Wonderful experience.

    Jeffrey J.
  • So helpful. They all cared so much about us and what was best.

    Danaka R.
  • Austin and his team are the best. From the time of the loan app to close, it was swift and efficient. Easiest process. Thank you!

    Talina J
  • Communication is key, and our agent, design center specialist, and superintendent during the build were all great at that! No build is perfect, so don’t expect it to be, but whenever there were issues or questions, we never got excuses or unresponsiveness, just solutions. As for quality, we even paid for a third-party home inspector who said he was impressed and pointed out a lot of good things that he said other tract builders pretty much ignores. Loving our home!

    Will Snyder
  • Had multiple positive experiences with Arive Homes. They can build what feels like a custom home without all the stress of building one. Their agents, and other truly care about their clients.

    Stephen DeYoung

    Heber, UT

  • We loved building with Arive! It was such a smooth, pleasant experience the whole way through. We had an awesome agent and the company is easy to work with. Highly recommend!

    Aly Egan

    Salt Lake City, UT

  • They built us a gorgeous home. They let you customize just about anything and really make the house your dream home. We got a beautiful custom railing (literally from a Pinterest picture) at a very reasonable price. They had a huge variety of options in the design center and can get you bids on just about anything… We had a really good experience with Arive and would definitely recommend them!

    Samantha Christofferson

    Arive Homes Realtor

  • Arive took the time from start to finish to give us exactly what we dreamed about for our new home. Customization can be an arduous process but this builder has it down to a science.

    I have been working in the building industry for over 2 decades and there isn’t a production builder in Utah I would use to build my own until we researched Arive. Better quality all around and great people!


    Arive Homes Consultant

  • We recently build a beautiful home with Arive and WOW – they were AMAZING! This is the second home we have built and I can’t say enough how great Arive was! I was so impressed with the home-building team that was assembled to take us smoothly through the process…

    Once the home got started we got to work with great superintendents. They kept us updated on what was happening at the house and were always responsive and helpful with any questions.

    Rosalie Prows

    Arive Homes Manager

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