Communities | 05.01.2023

Why You Should Move to Salem, Utah

Are you interested in moving to the Wasatch Front but need help determining which area is best for you? Recently, many are choosing to relocate to Utah County for many reasons. While there are many great places to live in Utah County, today, we’re focusing on Salem. As one of the smaller cities in Utah County, Salem is a fantastic place to buy a home. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons why.

Homes For Sale in Salem, Utah

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Beautiful, Natural Scenery

Nestled against the stunning and well-known Wasatch Range, Salem is a small town with endless mountain views that will never get old. Imagine relaxing and enjoying the scenery of the snowy peaks from your living room or back patio. Or imagine taking a short drive up one of the nearby canyons to fully immerse yourself while relaxing away from the hustle and bustle down below. No matter where you are in Salem, you’ll find there’s no shortage of breathtaking sights to see.

Salem Homes For Sale | Arive Homes

Affordable Cost of Living

While there have been many changes in the Utah housing market lately, Salem remains affordable to own a home. With an average cost of living nearly five percent lower than the national average, residents in the city enjoy an affordable cost of living in addition to competitive wages.

Growing Economy

The population in Utah continues to grow steadily, with the economy following closely behind. Because of its close proximity to larger cities such as Provo and Salt Lake, Salem enjoys a stable economy that is similar to the rest of the state. Even amid national decline, the economy in Utah has stayed strong and resilient, with a low unemployment rate and an increase in the workforce. The growing economy means that Salem is a stable and excellent place to build a home.

Safe Community

Various safety statistics all point to one thing: Salem, Utah, is a very safe place to live. In fact, it’s safer than 79% of all cities in the United States. Unlike some of the cities in neighboring Salt Lake County with higher crime rates, Salem residents can rest assured they live in a safe community.

Good Schools

Plenty of public and charter schools in Salem ensure that kids have amazing educational opportunities. Even though the city is on the smaller side, there are four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Students generally have average to high testing scores, and the schools are safe.

Access to Amenities

Residents in Salem experience a small-town feel with access to many city amenities nearby. Located just minutes off I-15, residents can easily access the larger cities of Provo in 20 minutes and Salt Lake in about an hour. The Provo Airport is also just a 20-minute drive from Payson, about an hour from the Salt Lake City airport. There are grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants with several public parks to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of recreational opportunities, either. With baseball parks, golf courses, hiking trails, soccer fields, and a community center, Salem boasts plenty of opportunities for a small city. During the winter, you’ll find plenty of things to do at the ski resorts in Park City and Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. There are also plenty of places to go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and even ice skating.

Strong Community Spirit

Being a part of a small community has tremendous benefits. It’s easier to get to know your neighbors, and a strong spirit encourages people to participate in the community. Families care for each other, and neighbors watch out for each other. Seeing friendly faces at the grocery store, post office, and gas station is common. Chat with your neighbors and catch up with each other–it’s all part of living in Salem.

Build Your Home in Salem, Utah, with Arive Homes

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