New Homes | 12.11.2023

Staying Connected: How Arive Homes Keeps You Informed of Your Home’s Progress

At Arive Homes, we understand the inspiring and personal journey of building your dream home. We strive to go above and beyond to keep you informed every step of the way. From sticking to deadlines to maintaining open lines of communication, we believe in transparency while providing an exceptional home-building experience. With our dedicated team of professionals and innovative methods, we ensure that you remain updated on the progress of your home construction, creating a seamless and enjoyable process for you and your family.

How Arive Maintains Deadlines

The construction industry often faces challenging deadlines caused by various factors. At Arive Homes, we have a remarkable team of experienced superintendents and an efficient office construction support staff. This dynamic duo works together to closely monitor each home’s progress, meticulously tracking every detail to avoid any potential delays. We understand the value of your time and deliver your home on time without compromising our high-quality standards.

With their vast knowledge and expertise, our superintendents work tirelessly to execute the construction process smoothly and efficiently. From managing subcontractors and coordinating schedules to resolving unexpected issues, our team maintains a steady pace and adheres to the agreed-upon timeline. Your dream home will be completed as promised with their unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines.

How Arive Communicates Progress with Homeowners

Unlike many other home builders, we prioritize direct communication between you and the superintendent overseeing your home build. From the moment we lay your home’s foundation, you will have the opportunity to meet your dedicated superintendent onsite. This personal introduction establishes a strong foundation for an ongoing and open line of communication throughout the construction process.

The superintendent will initiate a text message thread, ensuring constant and seamless communication. This convenient mode of communication allows you to receive immediate updates and provide feedback or ask questions directly. We understand the importance of feeling connected to your home’s progress, so we innovate new ways to keep you informed.

Each week, expect to receive progress updates via text from your superintendent. These updates will keep you in the loop regarding the various stages of your home’s construction. As a bonus, we provide a visual representation of your home’s progress. You will receive a weekly video accompanied by your superintendent’s expert commentary. This immersive experience lets you stay connected and witness the remarkable transformation of your dream home firsthand.

Additional Benefits of Working with Arive Homes

Streamlined Selection Process

Choose the perfect finishes and features for your home without walking warehouses or thumbing through catalogs. Arive Homes offers an innovative online selection portal. This convenient platform allows you to browse and select from an extensive range of high-quality options, ensuring that we bring your vision to life.

From cabinetry and flooring to lighting fixtures and countertops, you can easily customize every element of your new home. Our user-friendly interface provides detailed descriptions and visuals, making exploring and comparing different options effortless. With the online selection portal, you can conveniently make choices and stay involved in creating your dream home.

Transparent Budgeting and Financing

Building a home involves careful financial planning. Arive Homes remains transparent throughout the entire budgeting and financing process. Our experienced team will walk you through each step, ensuring you understand the costs and the necessary information to make informed decisions.

We help you navigate the complexities of loans, mortgages, and other financial matters, ensuring you fully understand your options. We aim to provide peace of mind and clarity throughout the process, empowering you to make sound financial choices. By maintaining open communication and providing transparent information, we build trust and confidence in our partnership with you.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

At Arive Homes, we take immense pride in delivering homes built to the highest quality standards. Our rigorous quality assurance measures reflect our commitment to excellence. We conduct regular inspections at critical stages of construction, ensuring that every aspect of your home meets our stringent criteria.

Our experienced professionals meticulously check your home’s craftsmanship, materials, and functionality, aiming to exceed your expectations. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive warranty that protects your investment, giving you confidence in the longevity and reliability of your new home. We stand behind our work, and our warranty ensures we promptly address any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Build your Utah dream home with Arive Homes!

Building a home is a significant milestone, and Arive Homes can make the journey as smooth, transparent, and enjoyable as possible. From adhering to deadlines to fostering open lines of communication, we prioritize your satisfaction at every turn. By leveraging our dedicated team, innovative communication methods, and commitment to quality, we ensure that you remain informed and engaged throughout the construction process.

Discover the exceptional experience of building a home in Utah with Arive Homes – your dream home awaits. Learn more and embark on your journey toward homeownership: Build a home in Utah. Let us guide you every step of the way, providing a seamless and enjoyable building experience that turns your dreams into reality.