Home Design | 05.01.2023

Latest Home Design Trends and Innovations We’re Incorporating at Arive Homes

As a leading homebuilder in Spanish Fork, Lehi, and surrounding areas, Arive Homes is at the forefront of incorporating modern and traditional elements into our houses, creating a customized, unique space that our clients can call home. Unlike other homebuilders who churn out builder-grade homes with little innovation, we’re constantly asking ourselves what to incorporate to make our homes inventive, creative, and original. Here are a few innovative options you can include when building with Arive Homes.

Jamie Floor Plan | Utah Home Builder | Arive Homes

Sustainability and Energy-Efficiency

Have you always dreamed of building an energy-efficient home incorporating the latest green home technology? It’s possible with Arive. Enjoy picking out energy-efficient appliances that perfectly complement your room and light fixtures that will help you save on utility bills. Install solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint and immediately reduce the cost of operating your home. We even give you the option of choosing sustainable materials during the construction of your home.

Personalized Features to Match Your Lifestyle

At Arive Homes, we believe a home should be a reflection of your lifestyle. That is why we give our clients the flexibility to adapt and change many things about their homes, including floor plans that can easily be adapted to their needs. While planning your home, we allow you to make your floor plan unique, including adding multipurpose rooms and allowing flexibility for multi-generational living spaces. Innovation means believing there is a better way to build homes in Utah, which is what we do at Arive.

Smart Home Technology

Today’s homes are more than just walls and a roof; they’re places where families live, relax, and feel safe. For many homeowners, having a home with smart home technology is critical. Devices such as home security and smart home systems, including thermostats, lights, and appliances, have become essential additions to any new home. Not only does smart home technology make your home safer and more efficient, but it also’s flexible and improves the

functionality of your home.

Unique and Individualized Finishing Touches

With just one visit to our recently-renovated design center, you’ll realize we take individual expression seriously. Our design center now has even more selections to experience in person, giving our clients an improved design experience. We believe that a home should express your life, choices, and tastes, which is why we give you the option of choosing unique finishes and furnishings throughout your home. Have an idea of how you can incorporate personal touches throughout the home? We’d love to make it happen. At Arive, our design team will help you express yourself through the finishes of your home.

Wellness and Health Options

Designing a home that can help owners achieve their health and wellness goals is becoming increasingly common. Because people tend to spend more time at home than previously, homeowners are interested in incorporating spaces where they can relax or even exercise. Innovative homes include more light, fresh air, and indoor/outdoor areas where everyone can kick back and relax.

Timeless Aesthetics

Though many homeowners want a unique home catered to their lifestyle, they also want a home that looks beautiful for many years to come. At Arive, our award-winning design team creates homes featuring timeless design while incorporating the latest design trends. When you build with us, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our qualified professionals to help you choose every detail of your home.

Build Your New and Innovative Home with Arive Homes

At Arive Homes, our goal is simple: we want you to love where you live. This is why we remain dedicated to constantly improving and offering cutting-edge features for our homes. We are the Utah homebuilder that takes the time to go through every detail of your home, ensuring that you’ll love it from the moment you get your keys and beyond.