New Homes | 10.17.2022

Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers) About New Homes in Utah

If this is your first time buying a home (or even your second or third time), you’ll likely have lots of questions along the way. In addition to the fairly standard questions you may have about the actual purchase process (“How long is my closing period? What is the best interest rate available for my mortgage?”), you may also have questions about features or circumstances unique to a newly built home.

For example, when purchasing an existing home, you don’t need to ask about landscaping because it’s already there when you tour the home. But, with a new construction home that doesn’t yet exist, questions about landscaping are valid and important!

Below, find some of the questions our homeowners ask us most frequently during the buying process, along with our team’s answers. We’ve tried to keep these answers general enough to apply to most new homes in Utah to make this a helpful guide for anyone, not just our Arive Home homeowners.

7 Common Questions About New Homes

Do new homes come with appliances?

Yes! Many, but not all, appliances are often included in new-build homes. Always check your contract to see which appliances your builder will include in the sale of the house. Typically, builders include appliances that need to be built into a space. That usually means appliances with more intricate wiring or plumbing connections, such as a dishwasher, range hood or microwave, oven, and stove.

Do new homes come with appliances | Arive Homes

Do new homes depreciate in value faster than older homes?

No; rest assured, a home purchase in Utah today is a solid investment. UPR reports that in 2000, the average home value in Salt Lake City was $187,200, but a little over two decades later, in 2022, the average value increased to $560,944. That’s a jump of about 200%. While short-term market fluctuations happen and growth may slow, it’s not likely to reverse at all anytime soon. The value of homes in Utah is an impressive gauge homeowners can look to for reassurance — one that doesn’t show signs of stopping.

New homes in growing communities can be an even better investment than existing homes in stagnant communities. For example, in Utah County, as more and more building happens, the value of homes will continue to increase. Buying a new home now is a great way to ensure your home’s value will grow along with Utah County’s surging population.

Do new homes in Utah appreciate in value?

As we mentioned above, home value appreciation is high in Utah — one of the highest in the country. A new home will appreciate as the market continues to trend upward. Demand has slowed in recent months due to rising interest rates, but it hasn’t stopped or reversed. Instead, it’s returned to a more regular and sustainable appreciation rate. This can actually be a good sign for eager buyers looking to get into a new home now that the recent post-pandemic buying frenzy has slowed.

New homes can be a great investment option when you plan to live in the new home for at least several years; If you only live in the home for a year or two before selling, the market may not have time to catch up to the home’s elevated price. However, if your new home is priced slightly higher than existing homes in the current market, giving the market a few years to catch up may be a great way to guarantee you earn money on your investment.

Do new homes come with a warranty?

Yes. New homes often come with more than one warranty, in fact. For example, structural warranties may last for 5 to 10 years and cover the structural components of the home, including things like the integrity of load-bearing walls, roof framing systems, the foundation, and more.

An additional, shorter warranty (possibly 2 to 5 years) will cover integrated systems in the home, such as wiring, piping, and ductwork.

Finally, many new homes in Utah also include a short 1 to 2-year warranty on the workmanship of the house (or how it was constructed and the materials that were used). This could consist of exterior materials like brick, roof shingles, concrete work, windows, doors, and interior features like cabinetry, flooring, and more.

Before you buy your home with Arive, our team will walk you through which warranties cover your home, so you know exactly what protections will be in place once move-in day arrives.

Do new homes come with blinds or other window treatments?

Blinds and other window treatments like interior shutters or drapes are usually not included in basic new home finishing packages — that is, unless you’ve selected an upgrade option that includes them. Be sure to check with your homebuilder and design team to make sure you understand who is responsible for window coverings so there’s no surprise during your final walk-through.

Do new homes come with smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors?

Yes! These devices are critical safety features that should come standard with every new construction home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests homebuilders include a minimum of one smoke alarm on each floor of a home. Since 1992, these smoke detectors are hardwired into the house and include a backup battery system for guaranteed performance.

In addition, carbon monoxide detectors are required in all new homes in Utah and must be installed within ten feet of each bedroom.

Do new homes come with grass and landscaping?

After completing the construction of the house, most homebuilders rough grade the yard with topsoil and bring in sod for the front yard (and sometimes the back). Often, this is the extent of a new house’s landscaping (unless, of course, you’ve selected an upgrade that includes the addition of shrubbery, trees, or flowerbeds at an added cost). Much of the landscaping will fall to you as the new homeowner. Fencing is also usually not included unless your property borders a public area like a park or municipal utility area.

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