Home Design | 06.07.2023

Custom Home Designs to Increase Livability

Whether you’re building a custom home or just planning for the future, you should be aware of current design trends and how they can benefit your new build. Arive’s Design Center is here to help you navigate the latest design trends and incorporate them into your new custom home to increase livability and personalize your space. From modern spaces to smart technology, here are five of our most popular custom home designs that increase livability throughout your house.

Wet Rooms

One of the most popular bathroom upgrades has been installing a wet room. These modern, sleek additions to bathrooms improve the look and functionality of a bathroom. Designed to make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa, wet rooms are bathrooms in which the shower and bath area are completely open. Much of the bathroom is covered in tile, marble, or waterproof material. The shower and tub may be next to each other behind a glass panel, but the bathroom has a very wide open feel.

What are the benefits of wet rooms, and how do they increase livability? Many prefer the wide open feel of a wet room, and it helps to maximize space in a bathroom. They’re also easier to clean and can increase the resale value of your home.

Customized Kitchens

Move over standard kitchens–today’s kitchens are as unique as the owners. Many clients incorporate design trends to create a unique space that fits their lifestyle. Among our most popular custom kitchen designs is the addition of a butler’s pantry. Butler’s pantries are transitional areas between the kitchen and a dining area commonly used for food prep, storage, and staging. They typically feature cabinets, countertops, food storage, dishwashers, microwaves, power outlets, mini-fridges, and more. Butler’s pantries are great for entertaining and keep everyday appliances out of sight in your central kitchen.

Here are some additional ideas to make your home more livable.

Other common additions to kitchens are hidden pantry doors and long kitchen islands to increase seating for guests. Many of our popular kitchen upgrades look beautiful and make your kitchen area more livable.

Dream Garage

Have you always wanted a spacious garage that can hold all your toys? One of our most popular upgrades is modifications to garage spaces, such as tall ceilings for RV parking and the addition of a 4-car garage. Not only do these garage modifications give you more storage, but they also increase the livability of your entire home. If you’ve wanted a finished garage with epoxy floors and plenty of space for all your tools, toys, and anything else, we can do that, too.

Smart Home Upgrades

There are many ways to incorporate smart home upgrades in your build, but one of the most popular is the addition of smart plumbing options. Not only does smart plumbing increase the livability of your home, but it can also save you money and time. We can install smart leak detectors to help give you more control over your water system by providing detailed water usage statistics and notifying you if there is a leak. Voice-activated faucets can be turned on and off by just the sound of your voice, and they can even dispense precise amounts of water on command. Smart toilets also feature automatic flushing, bidets, and heated seats.

Basement Apartment for Supplemental Income

The housing climate in Utah for the past few years has been challenging to navigate. The cost of homes and the housing shortage have posed a problem for many people, including first-time homebuyers. Some homeowners are incorporating an additional apartment space into their builds to navigate these challenges. Homeowners find this a great option to give an aging family member a place to stay or rent it out to others for additional income.

If you plan to add an apartment to your build project, your mortgage can also be adjusted to accommodate these plans. This allows you to increase the cost of your build, giving you more money for upgrades and increasing livability potential.

Stop by Our New Home Design Center to Start Creating Your Custom Home

As Utah home builders, we started Arive Homes with the belief that there’s a better way to build homes. Instead of building cookie-cutter homes, we let our clients add personalized customizations and concepts that fit directly into their lifestyles. There are many ways to design and modify your custom home to increase livability for your family.

We’ve recently renovated and expanded our design center to provide exactly what you want–more options and finishes to incorporate into your home. Browse our kitchen layouts, cabinet and countertop options, tile, paint colors, and more. We’ve incorporated helpful technology, such as smart TVs and QR codes, for a more interactive experience. Our design experts will guide you through the process. Come build your dream home with Arive.