Communities | 10.13.2022

Are Newly Built Homes More Efficient Than Older Homes?

If you’ve lived in an older home, you’re probably familiar with the upkeep, repair, and most of all, the unwelcomed monthly energy bill. While older homes can offer some charms, they’re not always the most efficient or cost-effective. As their utility bills continue to climb, many homeowners in older homes begin to wonder, should I buy a home that is more efficient? Homes being built today are more efficient and environmentally friendly in many different ways, some of which we will cover in this article. If you’re contemplating moving out of your older home and buying a new home, consider all these reasons why a new home is more energy-efficient than an older home.

6 Reasons a New Home is More Energy Efficient

  • 1. New homes are built to superior energy standards

    Building codes are the regulations written by city or county officials that set the minimum standards for renovations and new construction homes. Every few years, these codes are updated to include new and updated rules to make homes more efficient and less impactful on the local environment. Utah home builders constructing new homes must adhere to these codes, meaning today’s new homes are the most energy-efficient homes on the market. Why home energy efficiency matters.

  • 2. They have improved insulation

    As new home technology advances, so does the quality of materials used by Utah home builders. This statement is true, especially for insulation. Many older homes have much less insulation, and the material was not nearly as uniform or well-applied as it is today. Holes, gaps, or loose insulation in older homes is common, as is insulation made with asbestos — a harmful chemical linked to certain types of cancer. Today, more efficient batt insulation, blown-in cellulose insulation, and spray foam insulation options are available and fill gaps within your home to increase the efficiency of a new home and lower energy bills.

  • 3. New homes are built with more sustainable building materials

    One of the goals of newly-constructed homes is to use sustainable building materials that are kinder to the environment. Many types of recycled materials have made their way into new homes, such as insulation from recycled paper or jeans. These modern, sustainable products mean a more efficient home that’s better for the earth and your energy bill.

  • 4. Modern, efficient windows and doors are the norm

    Regarding windows and doors, technology has evolved to give new homes a clear advantage. Older homes most likely have doors and windows with outdated technology, such as single-paned windows. Modern windows come equipped with technology such as low-E glass coatings and are constructed with greener materials such as vinyl, steel, and fiberglass. New doors are made with fiberglass and have tighter weatherstripping seals, helping to prevent energy loss in the summer and winter months.

  • 5. Their modern HVAC and plumbing systems save you money

    One of the biggest benefits of building a new home is the modern HVAC system. Not only are new furnaces and AC units much sleeker and smaller, but they also incorporate new technology to run more efficiently. You’ll also be amazed at all your options for heating and cooling your house.

    In addition, many new homes include plumbing upgrades, such as tankless water heaters. At Arive Homes, we began including this energy-efficient alternative for all homes that went under contract on and after January 2022. These water heaters only heat as much water as you need at any given time, helping you reduce wasteful spending and energy consumption. They’re also much smaller than earlier models and, in the long run, require less maintenance.

  • 6. Energy-efficient appliances use fewer resources

    Did you know that appliances represent the third-largest energy spend, coming in at about 9 percent of an energy bill? For example, new washing machines with the Energy Star label can use up to 25 percent less energy and 70-75 percent less water than the washers from 20 years ago. While it’s easy to overlook the efficiency of our appliances, they really are something to consider when you’re trying to become more energy-efficient. New appliances in your home save plenty of money on your energy bill and use fewer resources, too. Plus, who doesn’t love beautiful, new appliances?

For Greater Energy Savings, Look for New Homes in Utah

Arive Homes is a home builder in Spanish Fork who believes there’s a better way to build new homes. When you buy a new home in Utah with Arive, you have control over the building and customization process, giving you the power to make your energy-efficient and sustainable new home exactly how you’d like. Want the newest insulation, HVAC, and appliance technology incorporated into your home? We’d love to help you do that. Our focus is not only on building your dream home but on creating the exceptional client experience you deserve.

We’ve got plenty of communities across Utah county, with homes for sale in Salem, Lehi, and more. We’d love to build a new home that’s not only energy-efficient but beautiful and will last for years to come. Contact us today to get started.