Communities | 07.06.2023

Adult Communities for Vibrant Seniors Seeking Alternatives to Retirement Homes

If you’re a senior exploring living options as you age, you’ve probably heard of active adult communities for ages 55 and up. These residential communities are appealing to seniors for many different reasons. Let’s explore the benefits of living in an active adult community and where you can find the best active adult communities in the state.

Arive Homes is an Active Adult Home Builder in Utah

Arive Homes is Utah’s leading home builder with multiple active adult communities in beautiful locations across the state. Our single and two-story floor plans help you transition into the next stage of life where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your retirement. What are some benefits of moving into an active adult community? Here are just a few.

Active Adult Communities Have a Vibrant Social Life

In an active adult community, you’ll be surrounded by adults of a similar age, helping you to connect and make friends with those in the same stage of life. Being surrounded by adults of a similar age can dramatically impact a person’s quality of life and well-being. In many active adult communities, adults make a point to socialize and create memories together.

Active adult communities often arrange social activities that allow residents to get out and get to know each other, such as group outings, bus trips, organized gatherings, and community dinners. Many of these activities are organized around common community aspects, such as hobbies, games, and religion. In addition, residents often volunteer their time together to give back to the community by tutoring, mentoring, and teaching.


Retirement Communities Offer Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance-free living is one of the biggest benefits of living in an active adult community. There’s no need to spend your golden years shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or weeding if you don’t want to. In many active adult communities, much of the home and yard maintenance is handled by crews, allowing you to spend more of your time doing what you want.

Some standard maintenance included in active adult communities is full and all-inclusive landscaping, snow removal, and common area landscaping and maintenance. This can be a much-welcomed relief and benefit for seniors struggling to keep up with home and yard maintenance.

Active Adult Communities Include Amenities and Recreational Facilities

While each active adult community differs, many include common amenities to keep residents fit, active, and social. The goal of an active adult community is to allow seniors to play, relax, and enjoy their retirement. Some amenities and recreational facilities that may be included in these communities include resort-style clubhouses, golf courses, tennis and pickleball courts, dog parks, walking paths, fitness centers, and more. These common areas not only encourage seniors to be active, but they also help residents be social and share interests.

Proximity to Essential Services

Every senior wants to stay active and live independently as long as possible; however, we all get older and may need additional assistance as we age. Many active adult communities have convenient access to support services, such as errand assistance, meal assistance, pet care, meal preparation, rehab services, community management, assistance with daily living activities (ADLs), and even medication reminders.

Active adult communities are often close to other easy-to-access essential services, such as grocery stores, healthcare centers, banks, and more.

Homes Built For Seniors are Accessible

After retirement, many seniors look forward to the next chapter of life, which often includes convenient living and downsizing. Active adult homes are designed with seniors in mind–much of what you need is on one floor, eliminating the need for you to go up and down stairs.

Active adult home builders design homes with comfort and convenience in mind. With smaller, open floor plans and cozy spaces designed for relaxing, senior homes are the perfect transition after retirement.

Finding the Perfect Arive Homes Active Adult Community for You

What is the benefit of building a home with Arive Homes in one of our senior communities? You’ll enjoy all the perks of living in one of our Utah communities (such as beautiful views and quiet neighborhoods) with all the added amenities of living in an Arive Homes senior community.

Each of our homes can be customized and tailored to suit your needs, giving you the retirement home you’ve always wanted. We’re an active adult home builder committed to providing you with the home you deserve.

What’s the ideal Arive Homes active adult community for you? Browse through our communities and floorplans to find the perfect fit, or contact us to learn more about our unique communities.