New Homes | 05.27.2022

3 Carpet Pad Upgrades Worth the Splurge

If you are building a new home in Utah county, you’re probably excited to pick out all the new features and designs. It’s always fun to select tile, paint colors, and other design elements. One of the most important choices you’ll make while building a new home in Utah is the flooring. There are plenty of options between hardwood flooring, LVP, carpet, and laminate flooring. But have you thought about what carpet pad to install in your new home? This article will discuss why you should upgrade your carpet pad and give you three great options to choose from.

Where to Use Premium Carpet Pads in Your New Home

When building a new home in Utah, is upgrading the carpet something worth doing? Many people who have built a home will tell you that, yes, upgrading the carpet pad is always a good choice. In fact, it might be a more important choice than the carpet itself! It’s an important upgrade because carpet padding has several purposes, such as protecting your flooring and carpet, helping to insulate your home, and overall helping to make things comfortable.

Some people install the same carpet pad around the house, while others choose specific pads for specific rooms. In bedrooms with less traffic, you can install a softer carpet pad to make it feel cozier. In high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms, you’ll want to upgrade to a pad designed specifically to handle the extra foot traffic.

3 Superior Carpet Pads We Recommend

There are plenty of carpet pads to choose from, so where do you start? Here are three of the best-loved carpet pads we highly recommend.

8 LB

One of our homeowners’ most popular selections is the 8 LB carpet pad. An 8 LB pad feels luxurious under your feet but can withstand even the heaviest foot traffic. It performs well under mid-grade nylon carpet and is neither too soft nor too stiff. While a 6 LB carpet pad will have a lighter, softer feel under your feet, it is not built to withstand heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, a 10 LB carpet pad is very durable but will feel firm underfoot. An 8 LB pad is an excellent middle ground between the two options. While there are many different brands, many 8 LB carpet pads generally offer these similar features:

  • Made from 100% recycled fibers and 100% recyclable
  • CRI Green Label Plus certified with low emissions of VOCs
  • Warranty that varies based on manufacturer

Napa Memory Foam

Napa Memory Foam provides superior insulation and protection while also reducing noise within the home. It adds a rich fullness and superior cushioning to your carpet yet is also durable and long-lasting. In addition, Napa Memory Foam has antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Many homeowners love this premium carpet upgrade. Other features of Napa Memory Foam include:

  • Moisture barrier on top and bottom of pad
  • Hypoallergenic
  • CRI Green Lable Plus-certified for indoor air quality
  • 100% recyclable
  • Life-of-the-Home warranty with additional StairGuard protection

Memory Step with Moisture Barrier

This high-quality carpet pad designed for residential homes features a specialty memory foam that helps extend the life of your carpet and gives it an increased feeling of comfort. This carpet pad insulates the home for better energy efficiency and reduces noise. The Dual Protection feature repels any liquid and prevents the growth of mildew, mold, and odor-causing bacteria. Here are few other features of this premium carpet pad:

  • EPA-resigered, hypoallergenic, and safe for the home
  • Great option for homes with pets
  • 100% recycled construction as well as 100% recyclable
  • Life-of-the-Carpet Warranty

Browse More Customizations at Our Design Center

We know home design selections can be overwhelming — that’s why we created our one-stop-shop Design Center. There, you can choose premium carpet pads and other customizations such as cabinet hardware, floor tile, paint colors, and more. Our talented team of designers gives you advice on selecting design trends and elements that will fit perfectly within your budget.

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