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How to prepare for a quick move-in: a step-by-step guide

No matter why you need a new home fast, buying a quick move-in makes it possible! Quick move-ins are newly constructed homes that are already finished or are currently in the process of being built.

No matter why you need a new home fast, buying a quick move-in makes it possible! Quick move-ins are newly constructed homes that are already finished or are currently in the process of being built. Some are model homes, but many are new homes that a builder has constructed without a specific purchaser. A last-minute move-in is convenient, offers shorter wait periods, provides basic features that appeal to many homebuyers, and simplifies relocation. If you’re looking for quick move-ins in Utah or perhaps even in the process of purchasing one, here is a move-in guide to help you through the process.

How to Find a Quick Move-In Home

Arive Homes make the best quick move-ins in Utah. One look through our current listings for quick-move-ins, and you’ll see that there are options for everyone. From townhomes to single-family homes and even active adult homes, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a location you’ll love. We have communities with quick move-ins in Salem, Spanish Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Herriman, and Mapleton. See something you like? Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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Moving Quickly: Follow Our Tips for Success

Before or soon after you find the perfect new home for you, it’s time to think about moving day. Packing and moving are no one’s favorite tasks, but if done correctly, you can save time, money, and a few headaches on your way to your new place. Here are our top tips:


There are probably a lot of items in your current home that you no longer need or want. Packing is a great time to throw away or donate these items. After all, it’s much easier to declutter now than pack up everything and find room for it all later.

Create a Packing Plan

The best moves are those that are organized and planned. While everyone has their specific way of packing, here are a few general packing tips to help get you going:

  • Start by packing the items you use the least or don’t need right away
  • Pack essentials in one to two containers where you can easily access them
  • Group similar items together and label every box and bin (to make it easier on the moving team once they arrive at your new home)
  • Give yourself consistent, but shorter amounts of time to get the job done to prevent burnout (think two hours every evening)

The more you’re organized, the better your move will be.

Moving Day | New Homes | Arive Homes

Stock Up on Supplies

While cardboard boxes and packing tape are the essential packing supplies that anyone needs, you might need additional packing supplies, such as packing paper, bubble cushioning, labels or markers, storage bags, moving blankets, and more. Visit your nearest packing supply store and stock up on what you need. It’s always good to buy a little extra – many companies will let you return unused items after you are done with your move.

Label Everything

Labeling your boxes serves many different purposes. It not only helps you know what it’s inside each box, but it’ll help you organize an efficient loading process for the moving truck. Lastly when your moving truck is being unloaded, you’ll know exactly where to put each box in your new home.

Pack Room by Room

Packing room by room will help your items stay organized and make it easier to group boxes together when you move. As you pack room by room, you’ll have room to put the packed boxes, keeping them out of hallways and other living areas. Start with the space that is being used the least, and go from there.

Moving Boxes for a new home | Arive HomesPack a “First Night” Box

Nothing is worse than arriving at your new location and not being able to find the things that you need immediately. Set aside any essentials and label them accordingly. The essentials you’ll need will vary by room or person. For example, you might pack a box of paper products for your kitchens and bathrooms; personal items, such as clothes, glasses, towels, and cosmetics; scissors for unpacking a couple of boxes; phone chargers, alarm clocks, or other frequently used tech items.

Save on Moving Services

Professional moving services can be pricey, but the speed and simplicity they bring to moving day can be well worth the cost. Always shop around for the best price and secure a few quotes before settling on a moving company. (And here’s a hot tip: if you’re buying your new home from Arive Homes, you can save 15% on moving services with College Hunks!) Use coupon code ARIVEHOMES or mention us at booking.)

Coordinate Services at Your New Home

When you move into your new home, you’ll want all utilities to be set up and running for the best possible transition. Take the time to set up electricity, internet and phone service, heating services, and anything else you’ll need immediately in the home. (Moving to Utah County? Here’s a quick link for Utah County utility providers.)

Settle In

Now that you’ve arrived, enjoy getting to know your new space and don’t rush the settling in process. Unpack when you can, take time to set things up, and have fun decorating your home. (This is the best part!)


About Arive’s Quick Move Ins

If you’re looking for a last-minute move-in, Arive Homes is your answer. Not only are our quick move-ins in Utah easy to purchase, but they’re also beautiful and built with you in mind. Each home is designed and built by our award-winning team. You’ll have the beauty and charm of a new home without the wait time of building your own home.

Arive Homes is the leading Salem home builder constructing homes in Salt Lake and Utah counties. To see our beautiful quick move-ins in Utah, contact us today!