New Homes | 03.30.2023

From Model Home to Your Home: The Benefits of Buying a Former Show Home

If you’re interested in a new housing development within your city, you’ve probably driven around and noticed that one of the new houses in the area is a model home. Model homes usually serve as an office for the developer where families can tour, meet with the builder, and ask plenty of questions. But once the new development is done, the builder often sells the model home before moving on to the next development. If you’ve noticed any model homes for sale, you may be wondering if they’re worth purchasing and if they have any benefits. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about buying model homes for sale.

Find your new home today with Arive HomesWhat are Model Homes?

Model homes are often spacious and luxurious homes in a new development that are meant to showcase the type of home being built in a particular area. They’re intended to display the craftsmanship of the builders, draw in prospective homebuyers, and demonstrate all the possibilities of building with that specific homebuilder. Model homes come in a variety of styles and are designed to appeal to the interests of many different homebuyers. Their purpose is to sell more homes for the home builder.

When do Model Homes Go Up for Sale?

After most of the homes in a subdivision are constructed and sold, the model home is not needed by prospective buyers anymore. This is when the builder often lists the model home. Depending on the current housing market, the home may go up for sale sooner rather than later.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Former Model Home?

While purchasing model homes for sale might be unconventional, making that decision can have many benefits to help sweeten the deal. Here are just a few:

Kitchen With Dark Cabinets | Arive HomesPlenty of Upgrades

Since model homes are meant to showcase the best work of the homebuilder, they are often full of upgrades and open floor plans that appeal to many buyers. Quartz or granite countertops, high-quality flooring, upgraded appliances, customized cabinets, and beautiful light fixtures are often just a few of the high-end features of the model home. Many of these upgrades will be listed and attached to your purchase agreement while buying the home, and often do not add to the cost of the house.

Price May Be Negotiable

Model homes often have a negotiable price tag for several reasons. One of the main reasons why the price is negotiable is because the home has essentially been used before going up on the market. In other words, many potential buyers have walked through, wearing out the carpet and using the bathrooms. Many of the home’s features, such as heating and cooling systems, have been used frequently, as though someone has been living in the home. Though the home may look new without any official occupants, there may be some wear and tear, leading to the option of negotiation, which can save you money.

Move-In Ready Homes

Instead of purchasing an older home that might need updating, a model home is a gently-used home that is still move-in ready. The home’s features are still on trend; you only need to move in. And in some cases, some of the home’s furniture may be included in the cost of purchasing the home. Model homes are a great option if you’re looking for a turnkey home.

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Purchasing a model home can be an excellent opportunity to buy a new home with a cheaper price tag. If you are looking for model homes for sale, be sure to check out our listings of model and quick-move in homes. Whether you’re interested in designing your home or need to buy something fast, we’ll ensure you love every detail about your home. Our dedicated and experienced professionals walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Whether you’re interested in Herriman or Salem, Utah homes for sale, we remain committed to providing an exceptional homebuilding experience. Arive Homes is the Utah homebuilder who wants you to love where you live. To see for yourself, stop by any of our model homes today.