New Homes | 03.12.2024

Our Favorite Design Elements for Active Adult Homes

It’s common for lifestyles to change for adults as they approach retirement. Many older adults transition into active adult homes. These homes feature many elements that appeal to a specific lifestyle, such as improved access to mobility and other home modifications for elderly people. So, what are some of our favorite design elements, and how can you work them into your space? Let’s learn more about our homes for active senior communities in Utah.

Key Design Elements We Love in Active Adult Homes

Single-story and main-floor living

Single-story and main-floor living both have many benefits for active adults. One of the most significant benefits of single-floor living is the lack of stairs. No stairs mean less chance of falling and much easier accessibility to everyday household items. When there are no stairs, there’s no lugging laundry baskets, furniture, or heavy items up and down the stairs. Single-story homes are also easier for older adults to maintain and provide better escape in an emergency.

Many of our floor plans feature main-floor living, meaning all necessary amenities are on the main floor. Other parts of the home, such as bedrooms or bunkrooms, are accessible by stairs and are perfect for visiting family members.

Open floor plans

Many people wonder if open floor plans are a beneficial home modification for the elderly. At Arive Homes, our open floor plans are spacious enough for visitors but feel cozy enough for one or two people. Open floor plans also provide other benefits for seniors, like maneuvering walkers or other mobility aids without struggle. Many seniors love an open living space’s spaciousness, freedom, and light.

Zero-step entryways

Arive Homes is committed to providing active adult homes that are safe and accessible for anyone. One of the exclusive customizations we offer for our active adult homes is the option to include zero-step entryways throughout the home. Homes that feature zero-step entryways are homes designed with no steps through the house. This means there are no steps in any doorways, showers, or more. Because steps can be trip hazards for seniors, eliminating steps throughout the homes means a much safer living environment and a better environment for anyone who needs additional accessibility options.

Adaptive Bathrooms and Kitchens For Seniors

Creating a safe space extends to bathrooms and kitchens, too. At Arive Homes, we can make modifications to the home for the elderly that are necessary for increased accessibility in the home. This means adding grab bars in the bathrooms and seats inside the showers. Handheld shower systems allow owners to shower in a way that’s more comfortable for them.

When designing your home, we’ll discuss modifications we can make to the kitchen, such as lower countertops and storage that is easy to reach. Lower appliances, such as under-counter microwaves and lower ovens, not only make cooking more accessible but they make it safer, too.

Outdoor Spaces and Community Amenities

Accessible Outdoor Areas

One of the appeals of active lifestyle communities is the access to beautiful outdoor spaces and community amenities. At Arive Homes, we offer activities that keep you moving and energized. Each of our communities is planned close to parks, walking trails, and quiet neighborhoods where you’ll enjoy long walks. Enjoy a game of pickleball while getting to know your neighbors; it’s possible in our active adult communities.

Community Features

We also plan our active lifestyle communities close to amenities for convenience and ease of use. Our communities often feature low-maintenance living, such as snow removal and landscaping. Community amenities like restaurants, shopping centers, and other important attractions are often just minutes down the road. Communal spaces, such as sports courts, gathering areas, and walking trails, are included in some communities and offer opportunities to socialize with neighbors.

Trust Arive Homes with Your Active Senior Living

In your search for 55+ communities in Utah, consider Arive Homes. We’ve got several locations across our beautiful state for senior living. Choose from our wide variety of accessible home designs for seniors to find the perfect one for your lifestyle. Once you’ve found the ideal home, we meet with you to nail the design, any design modifications, and more. Interested in getting started? You can browse our 55+ communities, view our other new home communities, or contact us today!