Build on Your Own Lot

Build Your Dream Home on the Lot You Own

Build on Your Own Lot

Building an Arive Home on Your Lot

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Build On Your Own Lot

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Build on Your Own Lot

Why Build with Arive Homes? We’re One of Utah’s Most Reputable Home Builders

We take pride in the quality of our homes and work hard to guarantee our homeowners are happy in their new home. You can feel confident that when you sell land to us, you’re selling to a company that does what’s right for the future residents who will call your property home.

From foundation to flooring, every home we build is in good hands with our award-winning team. Recipient of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes’ Judges Choice Award in 2014, 2016, and 2019, our design and architecture teams bring timeless style and personality to every home through elevated selections and thoughtful details.

Our build team takes pride in quality craftsmanship, guaranteeing each home goes above and beyond the standards of other spec home builders. Leading with transparency in all that we do, we are the Utah homebuilders that homeowners turn to for a home they’ll love in a location that’s right for them.