Communities | 08.25.2023

Arive Homes Builds Active Adult Homes in Utah

As a leading active adult home builder in Northern Utah, Arive Homes is excited to announce our active adult communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties. With plenty of beautiful floor plans to choose from, you can customize a unique home fit for your active lifestyle. What are active adult communities, and how can they benefit you? Here are answers to some of our most common questions as active adult home builders.

What is an active adult community?

Active adult communities are communities focused on giving seniors opportunities to make plenty of social connections. They’re maintenance-free or low-maintenance residential areas designed to provide specific advantages for seniors, such as activities, convenient amenities, and support services.

What age restrictions are typically in place for active adult communities?

Most active adult communities have an age restriction of 55 years or older. At least one resident in the home must be 55 or older, and anyone younger than 18 is prohibited from living in the community. However, some exceptions can be based on community, state, and federal regulations.

What are the benefits of living in an active adult community?

Low-maintenance living is one of the most significant benefits of living in an active adult community. Residents also enjoy a greater sense of community in a convenient location. Another benefit is access to many amenities and activities that they most likely wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Are the floor plans of homes in an active adult community different than regular floor plans?

Yes, the floor plans of active adult communities are usually different than other floor plans. Active adult homes are typically designed to be smaller and have fewer stairs than traditional single-family home plans. Many homes are designed to have about 2-3 bedrooms but still have plenty of storage.

What amenities are commonly found in active adult communities?

Many active adult communities feature amenities designed to keep residents physically active, such as tennis and pickleball courts, fitness centers, and swimming pools. Many also have quick access to golf courses and walking trails. Specific amenities can vary depending on the community.

Are there social activities and clubs available for residents?

While each community is different, many active adult communities offer clubs to help them learn new hobbies and make friendships. Fitness classes, travel groups, game clubs, social clubs, and gardening clubs are all social activities that can be found in many active adult communities.

Are active adult communities typically gated?

It is common for active adult communities to be gated. Living in a gated community helps residents feel safer and contributes to lower crime rates. These gated communities also give residents controlled access to visitors and enhanced privacy for a more comfortable living environment.

How do I find active adult communities in my desired location?

While you can do an online search for active adult communities in the area of your choice, contacting or looking for an active adult home builder is another option. Arive Homes is building active adult communities throughout Utah, including desirable locations in Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Are there options for downsizing within an active adult community?

Generally speaking, each active adult community has homes of different sizes. Many homes are smaller than traditional single-family homes, which is an excellent opportunity for downsizing. This means you can also downsize to a smaller home if you currently live in an adult community.

What is the difference between an active adult community and a retirement community?

Active adult community and retirement community are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Both communities are places where senior residents can live to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, focusing on providing residents with a sense of belonging and purpose.

Can family members or friends visit or stay with residents in an active adult community?

Yes, family members and friends can visit residents in active adult communities. While rules and regulations may vary based on each community, visitors and younger family members are usually encouraged to stay on a short-term basis only.

Are pets allowed in active adult communities?

Pet restrictions will vary depending on the active adult community you plan to live in. For example, some may allow pets without any limits, while dogs may be restricted in others. Some communities may restrict pets altogether for various reasons.

What are the homeowners association (HOA) fees, and what do they cover?

Homeowners association fees often cover conveniences and amenities in the active adult community, such as landscaping, snow removal, and community maintenance. HOA fees vary greatly, so check with your specific community to see how much the fees are and what they cover.

Is healthcare assistance or medical care provided in active adult communities?

Access to healthcare assistance or medical care can vary depending on the community. In most new home communities in Utah County, healthcare assistance or medical care is not provided. However, residents are able to arrange their own personal health care services, such as home health care or hospice, if needed.