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With decades of combined experience in real estate, land acquisition, and development, Arive’s management team built the company the same way they build homes: from the ground up. Management strives to create communities and neighborhoods that they would be proud to call home, all while investing in competent, creative team members to help support this labor of love.


Arive’s Architectural team has truly been responsible for shaping the communities of Utah Valley and driving the popular design trends of the last five years. With its distinctive craftsman style and family-friendly designs, Architecture is constantly improving how they create spaces for Arive’s homeowners. From custom designs to in-demand base plans, the Architecture department has grown exponentially, sparking creativity and innovation where it really counts.


The Arive Sales Department includes some of the most experienced agents and managers in Utah Valley. Our sales team strives to ensure that all of Arive’s customers have the home building experience they want, helping with everything from selecting a lot to securing financing and acting as a liaison between the homeowner and our construction team. Once the home has closed, the sales team continues to offer excellent customer service through our Warranty program for homeowners who love where they live for years to come.


One of the true visions of Arive Homes has been to employ craftsman that are passionate about what they do. Our Construction team loves what they do, and it shows in the quality and timeliness of their work. Dedicated contractors and superintendents mean our homes enjoy the benefit of years of expertise on each and every build, while providing homeowners with a direct line of communication to make sure their homes are build exactly how they’ve always dreamed.


Arive’s award-winning Design team combines years experience with a fresh eye for design trends. A walk through any one of our model homes gives an inside look on just how innovative our design team truly is. Homeowners enjoy the time they spend in our Design Center, working with a qualified profession who helps choose everything from paint color to flooring and cabinetry. Our design team knows how to listen to what homeowners want and then blend their own knowledge for homes that are beautiful as they are unique.

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