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How to Mix Old and New Furniture

August 11th, 2015

They say you shouldn’t mix old and new, but when you’re moving into a new house, you’d have to win the lottery to also outfit your new home with all-new furniture. If you’re like most people, you have a mix of stuff, from Grandma’s coffee table to the couch you bought as newlyweds. The good news? It’s totally fine to mix things up. Just follow these tips:

1. Use a Neutral Backdrop

When mixing furniture styles, it’s best to use a neutral paint color as the anchor to keep the room pulled together. We love the idea of a dove gray or sable brown as the backdrop to a more eclectic group of furniture.

2. Focus on ScaleĀ 

It’s not so much the date of a piece that makes it look out of place, but the scale. Consider an overstuffed large sofa with small, sleek side tables: It’ll look off-balance. Focus on bringing in pieces that have the same shape and scale and no one will notice that they’re from different eras.

3. Use Contrast to Your Advantage

There’s nothing wrong with a little contrast in a room: It’s what gives a home its character. Mix things up with texture by pairing up sleek wood with nubby wool, or a textured blanket thrown over a smooth leather sofa. Mixing textures gives your home interest while allowing you to use what you have.

4. Keep it Clean

Clutter is a no-go when it comes to mixing old and new, since it can make a room look unkempt and dated. Choose your pieces carefully and store what you can’t use, since it’s better to have clean lines and extra space than a room stuffed with mismatched pieces.

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