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Framing Future Memories

June 22nd, 2018

Some call us a construction company, we consider ourselves memory builders. There are many aspects that go in to building memories. It all starts with a vision. The vision of what you want in your dream home. The number bedrooms and bathrooms, how big you want your kitchen, maybe even a game room in the basement. After a while things start to come together, and you see the frame of your house being built.

Once the frame goes up, everything becomes more real. Instead of a vision, you have something tangible you can look at and think, “This is where I will watch my family grow.” As your home starts to take shape, your future memories start to take shape as well. Family dinners, playing catch in the backyard, and hosting game nights with friends will occupy your memories for years to come.

Vision requires inspiration. Visit one of our model homes to better help frame your memories. From floor plans to light fixtures, we’re with you every step of the way. Click the link below to see the list of model homes in your area.
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