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January 24th, 2018

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be an Arive Homes agent and wanting to buy your home THIS IS NOT US. Please do not send them ANY of your personal information. This is a fraud.

Most people have been saying his name is Christopher Jeffery and is an Arive Homes agent. He is scamming many people. Please share with family and friends. This is happening on a nation wide level.

We have reached out to the FBI concerning the individual(s) hurting Arive’s reputation by posing as a Real Estate agent of Arive to gain personal information.

FBI stated that In the event you are talking to or advising someone that has been affected by this phishing scheme, direct them to do the following:

1.  Go to the FBI Internet Crimes Website and submit a crime report: www.ic3.gov  (this information will help build a case and connect those affected together).

2. If the individuals personal information has been jeopardized they need to contact the Federal Trade commission and get it reported (this will give them long term protection from creditors, etc): 877-438-4338

3. If they have sent off bank account information, have them contact their bank to further protect their accounts.

We all need to be vigilant when receiving, sending requests for information. Be sure you are sending to confirmed known sources. This will help protect the company and everyone else.

If you are concerned or have any question regarding this please feel free to contact us.


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